Manage & organize your epic gear collection.

PlugHub is the new go-to utility app for managing your software based effects & instruments.

I group all of my guitar gear together in one spot + color code them based on vibe.

Rediscovered lost plugins I forgot I even had! Quickly deleted old junk I didn't want anymore.

Incredibly flexible way to group and keep mission-critical notes on my mixing gear. Really keeps me in the flow.

A beautiful app that let's me admire my ever-growing collection of gear and soft-synths.

Browse & Search

Get a birds eye view of your plugin catalogue. Find any plugin in an instant: Search by name, developer, or tag.

For example: Search all plugins you've tagged "lofi" and check which version of RC-20 you have installed.

Saved Searches

Save any of your searches to the side menu to quickly bring up important searches again in the future.

For example: Save a search for plugins tagged "2bus" sorted by favourite.

All Plugins Interface

Creative Organization

Use the theming and color indicator lights to help organize your gear in creative ways that make sense to you.

For example: set the red indicator light on to mark the plugin as an all-time fave.


Tag your plugins to help keep things organized. Easily tag multiple plugins at once. PlugHub can even suggest tags in some cases.

For example: Tag these compressors as "mastering grade".


Add quick jot-notes to any plugin. Keep track of your favourite presets, techniques, tricks etc.

For example: Keep notes on how you used bx_masterdesk to great effect on a certain track.

Plugin Inspector Interface


Easily backup plugins for safe keeping at any time.

For example: Archive a plugin before doing an update.


Easily uninstall any plugin or plugin format.

For example: Uninstall old demos easily. Don't want the VST 2 copies anymore, quickly get rid of those.

Saved Search Interface

Suggested Tags

PlugHub suggests tags for your plugins when it can, making tagging and organizing even easier!

Rich Metadata

PlugHub provides additional metadata for your plugins when it can, giving you deeper at-a-glance insight in to your gear.

Ultra Flexible GUI

Adapts to any screen size. Can be used in a compact "mini" mode.


PlugHub's dashboard provides a quick launch point to quickly jump to plugins based on tag or developer.

“Lets me tag and organize my plugins, leading to less menu-diving and dithering when making music. I wanna get to the stuff that makes sense right now, and PlugHub helps me do that, cutting out more left-brain cataloguing and filing duties.”

Beta Tester

“Having a DAW independent space for this is fu**ing awesome and the app looks sweet!”

Beta Tester

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Please consider the Supporter or Visionary licensing packages to help fund independent software initiatives within the music community.


$ 20 USD
  • Perpetual license for version 1x.

Best Value


$ 30 USD

As a supporter you see the potential in the software and want to help shape v2x.

  • Perpetual license for version 1x and future 2x versions.

  • Submit & vote on new v2x features. (Coming Soon)

  • Receive early access and beta testing opportunities.


$ 60 USD
  • Perpetual license for version 1x and future 2x, 3x, and 4x versions.

  • Your name (or business name) will be permanently listed in the PlugHub credits, both on the website and in the app's dashboard.

  • Everything in the supporter tier.


Supported Operating Systems
macOS 10.14+

Intel CPU only (minimum 2 GHz recommended)

Visionary Supporters:

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